widescreencomputer rtMemories of hometown and Dip Street in Tulia, Texas are to me like summer rain to the dry thirsty soil. “The drag” is a time machine that transports us back to a season of firsts—first drive, first kiss, first break-up, first traffic-ticket and more. Our memories wrap around the familiar drag like the cars once did, cruising around with oldies but goodies blaring from the radio and laughter cajoling us to happier days. This site isn’t just about cruising the main drag. Or T-Shirts. It isn’t even about my book, Cruisin’ Thru Life ~ Dip Street and Other Miracles. It’s about life and learning to take the dips, the curves and the pot holes. As you learn let the winds of yesterday blow across your mind and strengthen your faith.

Peggy Purser Freeman

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