Cruisin’ Dip One More Time

Draggin’ Dip Street Fest from 8 to 10 PM on Dip Street in Tulia,923437_4697781247590_1147730488_n Texas.

Take a ride down memory lane and wave at your classmates or pull over in the middle of the street and visit  a while. Friday, July 18th Swisher County Texas retro to the “Good Old Days” Nothing fancy, just cruisin’ the main drag. T-Shirts are available with Johnny Young’s beautiful photo of 1998 Dip Street and the winning slogans from our Facebook contest. See you there. Chief of Police Yarbrough ask us to keep the “hollering out the window” down to a soft shout out and honk only if someone is in danger.

Share your stories, old and new, about Dip in the comment areas.


  1. Jan Meador says:

    Sandra McCune and I would keep the windows rolled down in the ice cold winter and scream out the window till we were hoarse so we would have sore throats and not have to go to school the next day…nope didn’t work! Hmm now that I think about that did anyone hear us? Lololol!!

  2. Jan Meador says:

    We also rode motorcycles with Jack Lavender and Mark Johnson hmm pretty fast….dangerously fast…crazy fast yah crazy fast would describe that!! They also let us drive them and did not seem worried. Did my dad know? Absolutely NOT! Did my cousins hmmm yah I remember THAT lecture!!

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