Delight Delayed in Tulia, Texas

1937451_667072953374961_1872856840235893808_nBeing internetless in the last weeks of July while we were in New Mexico, delayed the delight I felt when I found all the pictures and videos from Dip Fest at Picnic.  1937451_667072953374961_1872856840235893808_n

These pics show you what a little social media can do when mixed with “good old memories.”  Cruisin’ the Drag, the good old days alive and well on the Best Drag in Texas!  10525782_667084306707159_2753729551612558867_n

When Lana Payne Barnett and I suggested a Dip Fest we had no idea this would be so crazy and such a good time.  Good memories and good people in Tulia, Texas.

Pictures are from Tulia Dip Street Facebook page and may not be copies without permission.

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