Have a “Happy Dip Street”

Book coverMy doctor called (I know; the fact that a doctor would actually call is news all by itself.) We discussed the subject of his call and then I added, “I hope you all have had a great Christmas and wish you a Happy New Year.”

He answered, “We did and I hope you have a Happy Dip Street.”

I paused, did a mental head-shake to let his comment settle Dip street picsinto my mind. This is 2014, not the 1960s. My doctor was in his office in Granbury, Texas not on the red brick “Best Drag in Texas.” I don’t think he had ever cruised Dip Street. Then I remembered the gift I had given him for Christmas–Cruisin’ Thru Life ~ Dip Street and Other Miracles.

That was one of the nicest compliments I’ve had in a while.  Someone uses my book title as a synonym for Happy New Year–you can bet your Hula Hoop I smiled.

Order your copy now.

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  1. Ireta Peek Ham says:

    We lived near the west end of Broadway, Dip Street, when I was in the 6-7th grades. My mom, Jerry Peek, had “Jerry’s Beauty Shop” in our garage. That was about 1957-58. My uncle Fred Peek would say, “Let’s go down Snuff Street and take a dip”… Don’t know if that was another name for Broadway, or not.

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