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Dip street pics

My friend Dwight Stevens and his wife celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary recently.  He met Glenda on Dip Street and asked her to marry him on Dip Street. 

The sweetest stories are the best. “I met Glenda there.” Dwight said. “Then one day driving east on Dip Street from the west end, near the park, I told Glenda to look in the glove box. She did and there was her engagement ring. We married in August of 1959. The marriage lasted fifty-four years, seven months and seven days.” – Dwight Stevens

Glenda died a few weeks before Dwight shared this story. This year Dwight’s celebration cruise was here on earth while Glenda cruised the streets of gold in heaven. Those memories are treasures for him. 

Share your memories with us.

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